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Text Box: Who Are WE?
    The Inter-Faith Chapel is an independent congregation of more than 600 individuals representing over 30 different denominations. Membership is mainly by affiliation. This means that an individual becomes a voting member of the congregation by signing the Affiliate Register.  
   There is no requirement for an individual to relinquish membership in another congregation, although some affiliates choose to transfer membership to the Chapel.  Such transfers are accepted regardless of denomination.  
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Text Box: From the Desk of
Rev. Dr. Woodrow Rea
Text Box: The Bible is optimistic. The message contained within both the Hebrew and Christian texts is one of hope in the future, confidence that good will ultimately prevail over evil, and a belief that there is always the possibility of a successful outcome to a situation.

I believe people of faith are called to be optimistic. I am not suggesting that we are to be a “Pollyanna,” but neither are we to be an “Eeyore.”  The reality is that life is full of challenges and difficulties.  There are members of The Chapel who encounter numerous daily trials, battle mental or physical illnesses, and struggle with finances or relationships. What separates our perspective from pessimism, and what provides hope instead of despair, is the element of faith.  When we view life with optimism and live life with faith, we believe that somehow all things will work together for good   (i.e. Romans 8: 28).

There are numerous reasons why I am optimistic regarding The Inter-Faith Chapel. We are an active and vibrant faith community that cares about each other. We engage culture rather than isolating ourselves from it. We provide several outreach program for those most marginalized. We are a praying community and have made a covenant to pray for each member of The Chapel through this anniversary year. The leaders of this congregation are committed to the vision and mission of this ministry and are active in planning for the years to come. The people of this congregation affirm and celebrate the rich diversity of God’s people. We are a welcoming congregation seeking to provide “A House of Prayer for All People.”