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Text Box:    May is a month of springtime and hopefully warmer weather! It is a month of flowers blooming and re- newed activity in our world. May is also when we celebrate Older Americans Month, acknowledging  the contributions of older adults to our society. The 2016 Older Americans Month theme is Blaze A Trail, and the month is dedicated to highlighting ways that older adults continue to give and make a difference in our communities 

   Stories abound regarding how vital the older adult workforce is to our economy. Additionally, many organizations would be hard pressed to function with- out their older adult volunteers. Statistically, older adults make more charitable donations per capita than any other age group.

Unfortunately, like any other “ism,” ageism has its number of negative stereotypes and phobias. However, rather than fearing the impact of the “gray tsunami,” the fact that people are living longer and healthier than ever before is something that should be praised and celebrated!

The Inter-Faith Chapel is a vibrant and dynamic congregation, and our members are involved in an amazing number of civic organizations, outreach ministries, and justice programs. Our members generously give of themselves and stay busy helping others.  Some are able to run errands for their neighbors, while others offer emotional support and friendship. Many provide care for spouses, while a good number look after grandchildren.  

They are “blazing trails”...
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Rev. Dr. Woodrow Rea
Come join us on Sunday, May 22 at 4:00 pm, as we offer a contemporary style worship service. In this casual, high-energy service, we will sing praise hymns, offer interactive prayers, listen to stories of faith, and perhaps even make a new friend. Our worship leader will be Karen Reed, who has extensive experience and gifts in contemporary worship. We hope that you will join us and experience a different and meaningful style of worship.   
   Invite a friend to join you!