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Text Box: Who Are WE?
    The Inter-Faith Chapel is an independent congregation of more than 600 individuals representing over 30 different denominations. Membership is mainly by affiliation. This means that an individual becomes a voting member of the congregation by signing the Affiliate Register.  
   There is no requirement for an individual to relinquish membership in another congregation, although some affiliates choose to transfer membership to the Chapel.  Such transfers are accepted regardless of denomination.
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Text Box: Sunday Services
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Text Box: From the Desk of
Rev. Dr. Woodrow Rea
Text Box:      Among “the younger generation” there is a widely popular electronic game called “Pokemon Go” that is played on one’s smart phone.  The goal of the game is to “catch” little animated creatures that are displayed on the telephone screen.  This motivates the player to get up and “go” outside to “hunt” along with other people.  

At a recent local event, all of the participants reported that they loved the game, but that the real enjoyment came from being a part of a fun community and connecting with others that had similar interests. A psychologist suggested that “Pokemon Go” enthusiasm is driven from an innate desire that we all have to be connected with others.
All of our wireless technology has made it possible to “be connected” from just about anywhere at just about any time.  Look around. You’ll find people staring into a little handheld screen not only while walking down the sidewalk, but also even while dining with a loved one in a restaurant.

This desire to “be connected” is a fundamental human desire.  We are “wired” for relationships, and it is often the relationships of life that help restore us, heal us, and make us whole.
50th Anniversary